Makers Gonna Make – a Gift Guide

There are all kinds of makers out there and there is no way I could cover all of them.  I’ll try to hit a few high notes for a few different types of crafts and hobbies. A good tidbit to keep in mind is that most makers like tools or instructions – they want to make it on their own! 

Folding Scissors

Fiskars Travel Folding Scissors – I have a pair of these and I wish I had 5 more. They are great for traveling (TSA approved), sharp, and they fit into even the smallest project bags. These would be good for knitters, crocheters, and sewers. Honestly, they even cut low gauge craft wire.


crochet hooks

Boye Crochet Hooks – or needles. Hooks and needles are always welcome to a yarn enthusiast. Even if they already have the size hook/needle – they can always use more. Perhaps your yarny friend isn’t quite ready to cast on – give the gift of a Loom

cheese kit 

Cheese Making Kit – Maybe you have a food curious maker on your hands. If there is someone that perhaps likes food but maybe isn’t a huge cook, consider a basic cheese making kit. 


working hands 

Working Hands – Help that maker take care of them self. With this hand balm a little goes a long way to soothing dry, cracked knuckles.


Magnetic Wristband – This one is good for the mechanics, sewers, and anyone who has the dropsies with metal things. Probably not good to stick a knife to it though. 




Beer Brewing Kit – Do you know someone that loves beer and maybe wants to start brewing? Ingredient kits can be a good starting place but they need more equipment than just the kit. Check out this Deluxe Brewing Kit for those that have no equipment yet. You could pair up with a family member or friend so that one gets the brewing equipment and the other gets the ingredient kit. Just make sure the equipment gets opened first.


Headlamps – Getting dorky up in here! I admit it. I love flashlights and I love headlamps. Great for all kinds of makers – even when the power is out!


Beginner Sewing Machine – For someone just learning how to sew this would be an amazing gift. If they happen to be a sewer already, I’d refrain from buying a full blown machine for them unless you have the exact model/style they want. Advanced sewers can be particular about their machines. If you know an advanced sewer, consider a gift card to their local fabric store. Our’s is U-Fab and they are fabulous. 


ed pen

3D Pen – Maybe you know someone that wants to get into 3d printing and you thought, “Heck, its a printer! I can get that!” And then you look it up and realize you don’t have a few Gs to drop. This pen could be the answer. Its super accessible and easy to use. Also – its a 3D pen. Come on! I need 6 of these.


Dremel – Perhaps you just have a maker of all kinds on your hands. Dremels or dremel-like tools are great options. These tools have so many add ons and functions that practically every crafter and maker can find a use for them. 



Cricut Cutting Machine – Do you have a scrapbooker or paper crafter on your list? Do you want them to love you forever and probably make a scrapbook of each year of your life from here on out? Buy them a cricut. If the have a cricut, consider buying them the cartridges (fonts and images). 


For the littlest makers, I have a few choices. Clothes horse kiddos would love to get a custom sneaker kit – might want to pair this with a pair of sneaks too.  Robots are fun for everyone and I’ve found a pretty easy starter kit: Brush Bots. Finally, what is Christmas without a gift that could put your eye out? If you’re the kind of person that likes your presents a little dangerous – consider the Catapult Kit.


Check out yesterday’s post on gifts for growers and stay tuned for tomorrow’s eater gift guide. As always, if you have a suggestion for another gift, leave it in the comments section below!

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