Just Eat It – a Gift Guide

Today is our last 2014 gift guide and it’s all about eating. Everyone on your list is some sort of eater. Maybe they like cookies or bacon or coffee – but chances are there is at least something food related they love. 


A Smoker for Beginners – I’m definitely not saying this is the best smoker in the world (that’s probably a homemade pit some where). What I am saying is that if you have a smoked meat lover on your list, they would probably love to start learning the basics of smoking with this little guy. Also, it’s much simpler to get decent meat the first time out of an electric version.

real richmond

Real Richmond Food Tour – This is a local (Richmond, VA) company that gives themed food tours all around our area. Buy a gift certificate for your favorite eater and let them choose their own food adventure. Some of the past tours include a pizza tour (!), retracing the steps of Lincoln (with food), and a deliciously sweet Valentine’s Day tour.


Harry and David Pears – Are you tired of those stubborn grocery store pears that stay rock hard for 2 weeks, then ripen and turn to mush while you’re not looking? That will never happen with these. They are juicy and delicious – and delivered right to your door. There are also fruit of the month options for the die hard fruit fans. 



Food Ornaments – Maybe you can’t give perishable gifts. Food ornaments are fun and funky. There’s bacon, and garlic and cake!


Pixelated Virginia Mug – Local potter, Sarah Turner, has these lovely Virginia mugs (she also has robots and kittehs). Pair this with tea, hot chocolate, or coffee for a perfect package. 

picnic basket

Lovely Picnic Basket – Give the gift of elegant eating. What fancy pants person wouldn’t love to unwrap a fully stocked picnic basket? This makes me long for a warm spring day.


bottle opener

Bottle Opener and a mixed 6 pack – A beautifully forged bottle opener and a personally selected 6 pack of beers makes a great gift for the beer drinkers. Most grocery stores even offer a mixed six pack these days so this is a great one if you’ve procrastinated.


RR Lids

Suction Lids – Sometimes eaters can’t finish their food (they aren’t trying hard enough). These crazy gadgets attach on to practically any container. No more hunting for lids or foil or plastic wrap. So clever!

 cereal bowl

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl – We all know a finicky eater. How about a bowl that keeps the milk and cereal separate until YOU decide? This is also great for parents of young children who have to step away from their cereal to tend to their little ones. Now when they come back to their Cinnamon Toast Crunch it won’t be a soggy mess.


shyndigz christmas cake

Shyndigz Christmas Cake – Bring a gift for everyone! Shyndigz is a local, dessert only restaurant here in Richmond, VA. I admit right now that I eat there way too often. They have a number of holiday themed desserts for pre-order – the buche noel looks especially good. Hurry though! They can get booked fast!

cheese tray

Cheese & Cracker Tray – So cute! I adore this clever little cheese & cracker tray. Any frequent host/hostess with a sense of whimsy would love it as well.


Homemade gifts – Are you short on cash but full up on love and creativity? Make a tasty treat for your friends and family. Tie it up in cellophane with a pretty bow or even an old Christmas tin. Love tastes so sweet. If you’re short on ideas try these: cowgirl cookies, salted caramel sauce, or strawberry jam.

I hope these grow, make, eat gift guides have helped you pick out a present or at least get the wheels turning. Remember though, the holidays are all about holding the ones you love a little tighter and spreading cheer wherever you can. 

P.S. Shameless Plug Gift: Itty Bitty Press Rockin Tea Towels

rockin tea towels

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