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If you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of the Liebster Award. Basically, smallish bloggers have devised this “award” as a way to connect to other bloggers and spread the readership love. It’s sort of equivalent to those chain letters your friends would send/hand you in middle and high school. Except if you don’t do it you won’t have seven years bad luck or end up in the poor house. You’re just a spoil sport. I suppose now they are chain emails. I’m old.

The gist of it is: I’m supposed to introduce you, dear readers, to the people that nominated me, answer some questions about myself, and then introduce you to a few, new bloggers that I read. Therein lies the rub. I honestly don’t read very many blogs consistently.  The ones I read are gigantic and definitely don’t need lil’ ol’ me’s help. We’ll see how this goes…


Jessi (left) and Kelly (right)

The blog that nominated me:
Our Happy Houses

This blog consists of my sister-in-law, Jessi, and one of her best friends, Kelly. They are both young and energetic and full of love for their houses. They blog about what its like to be 20-somethings blazing a trail through life. 

They discuss crafts and food, but also finding their places in this big old world.


Question and Answer time for me:

1)Where is your hometown?

Stafford, Virginia but I say Fredericksburg to anyone that asks in normal conversation. No one knows Stafford unless they grew up there – and then they just say Fredericksburg too.

2)Do you have any kids? If so, how many? If not, do you want them?

One – in my belly. We’ll see how this one goes before we decide on more.

3)In 5 years where do you see yourself in life?

I used to have life plans that consisted of 5 year or 10 year plans. Those are all crap shoots and basically set you up for being rigid or disappointed. I left those year type goals behind after leaving my office job that repeatedly asked me that at my yearly reviews. I’d like to be happy and alive in five years. 

4)What is your favorite color?

Gray or purple or blue. Really any color except pale to bright yellow. Just not a good tone for me. 

5)What topics do you enjoying writing about the most?

Anything I can throw a curse word into. More seriously, I like explaining how to do things on your own. 

6) What is on your mind the most lately?

Mostly work. I run a screenprinting business with my husband full time. Second would probably being pregnant. Third would probably be food. Or maybe food first. Depends on the day.

7)Do you have best friends?

I wouldn’t say best friends. I have great friends; I have old friends; I have sibling-like friends. No one is particularly “best” although I would put my husband at the tippity top of the list. We’ve been together/friends since 2000. That’s 15 years people. 
My other top contenders are my friends Katie and Megan and of course my sister DD. 

8) Do you have any pets, do you treat them like children?

I have 2 dogs, Walker and Scooter. They aren’t really like children to me. More like, little old, grumpy men that I’m tasked with feeding and cleaning. We mostly get along. 

9) Do you work out?

I garden so I don’t kill people. I used to do CrossFit but I’m too poor and competitive and not physically-amazing to really do well at it. I play tennis once in a while. I’m an athletic dabbler who doesn’t mind sweating but gets bored easily.

10) What was the first thing you learned how to cook?

I’ve been cooking since before I can remember. Honestly. I think the first task I had was kneading bread (remember those days?). My mom made most of her own bread and as soon as I was big enough (maybe 5 or 6) she gave that job to me (pretty sure because she hated it). After that, I graduated to making a full Thanksgiving dinner when I was around 11 with my sister (who was probably 14).  My mom did a very good job at making me confident in the kitchen. Even now, I’ll try just about anything once. 

11) What if your favorite healthy snack?

Berries. Watermelon. Tomatoes. Fruit. 


The blogs that I do read consistently are anything but “new” or “small.” Time to scour the internet for blogs is something that I’m always short on due to running a business full time, running a blog part time, growing a baby, and sleeping.  Most of my smaller blog friends are in stages of their life where their blog has taken a back seat or they only post photos to instagram right now. Instead, I’m going to share a few blogs that I find interesting that probably have over 2,000 readers but maybe they’re new to you. If they choose to respond, I ask them the same question I answered.

Modern June – She’s my bud 

Pretty Prudent – lots of inspiration and DIY tips

Craft Gossip – DIYs galore

CraftyPod – very cool sewing stuff (that I can’t do)

The Crazy Big Blogs I Read:

The Kitchn – most of the time I like to yell at my computer while reading the articles. 

Retro Renovation – so many good (and questionable ideas for an old house)

The Pioneer Woman – I wish I could eat like how she cooks all the time


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