Tomato Basil Jam

Some times you end up with a ridiculous amount of tomatoes. Maybe you grow your own, maybe you belong to a CSA, or you just went a little hog wild at the farmers market. If you’re at a loss for what to do with all of them (and you don’t feel like just canning plain tomatoes), give Tomato Basil Jam a try. Read more ›

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Creamy Tomato, Spinach, and Sausage Pasta

Look guys, I know it’s hot out. Like surface of the sun hot. Almost record breaking hot. But sometimes when you’re pregnant – you want things that make no sense.

I want pasta. Creamy tomato sauce with loads of veggies and Italian sausage and tortellini.

This little girl is making me do plain crazy things. To make her appreciate what I went through for her, I’ll be sure to tell her about the record breaking heat, the pasta she made me crave, and how I had to walk to the hospital uphill both ways.  Read more ›

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Warm Mint Potatoes

Summer cookouts mean potato salad to me. Creamy, tangy, and with a bit of crunch. Unfortunately for my potato salad cravings, I married a man who hates mayo-based salads. He doesn’t even like the more mustardy German potato salad. While I have an impostor potato salad (made with sour cream) I’ve found the Warm Mint Potatoes a happy substitution for both of us. We both get something yummy and fresh while I’m not lamenting the lack of mayo and he’s not eyeing the potatoes suspiciously wondering how much mayo I snuck in behind his back.

This is a recipe that’s been passed down from my mom. She always made in late spring or around Easter when we had lamb. I now make it all the time. Read more ›

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Do you have a dad you want to spoil but just have no idea what to get him? Father’s day is June 21st this year so don’t dilly dally. Skip the standard gifts – I’ve got you covered! Read more ›

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Updates and News!

There’s been a lot happening over at Grow Make Eat these past 2 months. First and foremost – we’re expecting a little baby! This baby has been kicking my butt from the inside out so I’ve mostly been eating a lot of veggies, eggs, and english muffins. Now that I’m getting my appetite back, stay tuned for lots of recipes! I’ll be prepping freezer meals for after the baby comes so I’ll be sure to share all of them here. There might be a peanut butter sandwich “recipe” shoved in there too because baby gets what baby wants.

Secondly, we’ll find out soon what we’re having (tomorrow!) – and then the nursery design and projects begin! I have blanket and a big floor poof in mind to make. There’s also the custom mobile I’ll be making. 

I also plan on launching my site-based store in the next few months. It will eventually include patterns, prints, finished objects, and hopefully a kit or two. 

There will definitely be a lot more projects and nesting going on around here. I hope you stick around and join in on the fun with me.

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