CAL: Week 5!

Better late than never, right? This past month has been full of awesome and sad and busy and…life! Sorry for the delay in updates, but lets get back to it! The only “new” skill in these two rows is the

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CAL: Week Four!

I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and got a lot of work done on this blanket – ok, I’m sure you ate hamburgers and probably some ice cream. That’s good too I guess. This week will be

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CAL: Week 3!

Ok ladies and gents (gents – maybe?) – this week we are working on row 2 and 3. All these stitches are basic but some have some twists that might be confusing when reading. Let’s start at the beginning because

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C.A.L.: Week Two

Welcome back crocheters and would be crocheters! This week. we will begin the actually business of crocheting! If you remember last week, I asked you to gather up your materials and checking your gauge. There is still time to join

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Crochet-a-long: Week One

For this first crochet-a-long, we’ll be working on a free Red Heart pattern. This week will just be about gathering your materials and testing your gauge to get your desired size. Each following week there will be tutorials, clarifications, or

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