Three Things Thursday – Therapy, Cake, Paint

We’ve been enjoying some really nice days here in Richmond. Warmish and drizzly – just how I like Spring. I’ve started a few seeds inside and soon it’ll be time to plant some beans! This week I’m dreaming about even

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Indoor Plants for Plant Killers

I hear it a lot, “I don’t have a green thumb – I kill everything I touch!” Let me give you a bit of plant advice – you probably haven’t bought the right plant for you and your lifestyle. Not all plants

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Three Things Thursday – Ikea, Chats, Keyholes

From here on out, I declare Thursdays to be “Three Things Thursday.” In all honesty, I just need a place to gush about the links, articles, and bits I’ve found over the past week. Throwback Thursday is so yesterday (hardy har). 

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Gifts for the Growers

If you’re like me, you are currently scouring gift lists trying to find that perfect (read: as good as I can afford) gift for the last few people on your list. Or perhaps you have a raging case of “Oh

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To Everything There is a Season!

turn, turn turn. Now that I’ve gotten that stuck in your head… While the fall season can sometimes feel like an end to a lot of things – vacation, warm weather, your garden – its actually a wonderful time to

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