CAL: Week 5!

Better late than never, right? This past month has been full of awesome and sad and busy and…life! Sorry for the delay in updates, but lets get back to it! The only “new” skill in these two rows is the

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CAL: Week Four!

I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and got a lot of work done on this blanket – ok, I’m sure you ate hamburgers and probably some ice cream. That’s good too I guess. This week will be

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The Naked Path (Part Deux)

I’ve been plucking away at all the garden path weeds for the past week and a half. I’ve been able to clear 4 rows and lay down cardboard and wheat straw in each of those. So far its holding up

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You will know me by the trail of dead weeds

This year I think I’ve finally settled on a row configuration for the garden. What this means is that I will hopefully not be tilling up an entire 30 foot by 30 foot (900 sqft!!!) in the spring next year. Instead,

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