My Muffins Bring all the Boys to the Yard

There’s nothing better than a muffin. Well maybe a freshly baked muffin.  Or even better, a freshly baked muffin that only dirties up one bowl. These muffins are just that. Easy, quick, and delicious. I’ve based this recipe on Inspired Taste

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Tomato Basil Jam

Some times you end up with a ridiculous amount of tomatoes. Maybe you grow your own, maybe you belong to a CSA, or you just went a little hog wild at the farmers market. If you’re at a loss for

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Southwestern Chicken Soup for the Cold

Whenever I’m sick, or in this case – my husband, I like to make something spicy to open up the sinuses and clear out the gunk. Sometimes that ends up being Frank’s Red Hot on tatertots. Sometimes I make James

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Gonna dress you up in my ranch

…all over my salad! Have you ever had a recipe that calls for a small amount of buttermilk? Have you then gone to the store only to realize that buttermilk doesn’t come in small containers? I guess you could just use

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Balls and bars and bourbon – oh my!

Recently I was invited to a birthday party & bottle share that I wanted to bring a dish to – but what to bring?   It was the weekend of the local bacon festival. There was a horse race on TV.  There

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