The Naked Path (Part Deux)

I’ve been plucking away at all the garden path weeds for the past week and a half. I’ve been able to clear 4 rows and lay down cardboard and wheat straw in each of those. So far its holding up pretty well. The only con I’m seeing is that its a bit slick for the first few days its down.

If you’re just joining me, check out the first post here.

Method Two – Landscape Fabric covered in Compost


This side of the garden isn’t really that bad…


Bri Tip: Water your weeds before pulling them. This helps the root and soil separate more easily.


Roll out the weedblock/landscaper fabric and cut to length. If you have to change directions and need to overlap, make sure its about a 3″ overlap. You should be able to read the words when rolled out. If you can’t – its upside down and won’t work.


Compost spread. You gotta give it to the compost – it sure is pretty.

This is a combination of a suggestion from a reader and something I read on the internet. The reader suggested using landscapers fabric/weedblock fabric and the internet suggested just dumping compost on the paths. I thought just dumping compost on the weeds wouldn’t cut it so I combined the two. I had to buy the fabric but I had a bunch of compost so the total was about $20 (more if you need compost).

The installation was easier than the cardboard/wheat straw method since I didn’t need to collect and size pieces of cardboard. Just unroll and secure down in some fashion. Part of the goal though was to be able to easily remove these weed prevention methods so I could till later if necessary. I have a suspicion that this method will be a pain in the patoot.

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