Three Things Thursday – Food Hugging, Fonts, Ikea

The flu/stomach bug/plague has seemingly cleared out of our house – thankfully I managed to avoid it. Besides that I’ve been working on a few graphic design projects, which lead me to searching for fonts, which then lead me into google searching, clicking on random links, and then oh shit, where did the day go. The day was lost to videos of puppies and pandas. I’m not sorry.

Here are some things I found down the internet search rabbit hole.

1. Hug Your Food

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about these neat little things. On the one hand, you can easily see the food in your fridge. It won’t sit languishing in tupperware or bags never to be seen again – until you smell it first. On the other hand, do they even work? Might have to get a set to test them

photo - food huggers

photo – food huggers


2. Historical Typefaces (a.k.a. Old School Fonts)

Part of my day job is graphic design. This requires me to engage and sell to the viewer using font choice. Ain’t no body gonna give you a grant if you’re using Comic Sans and Papyrus. I stumbled on this great (not free) site with collections of different fonts grouped by time periods. 

photo - the walden font co.

photo – the walden font co.


3. Ikea Charges Your Phone

Ikea, I just can’t quit you. In about 2 months Ikea is introducing a line of furniture that can wirelessly charge your Apple or Samsung products just by placing them on a designated spot. I’m gonna have to get a side table for my bedroom and my workplace.

photo - ikea

photo – ikea


Next up – Plant murderers and how to curb your planticidal tendencies. 

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