Three Things Thursday – I’m Back Baby!

Of course, you should be saying that title in your best Costanza voice. I’ve taken a break from sharing links of Thursdays for a little bit. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with trying to maintain a normal work/life balance. I haven’t been very good at it. I have a list of saved links and articles that I’ve been putting off reading for the past month. 

1. Baby List

Per my previous registry post, Baby List has been an awesome find for me. I”ll spare all the gushing – but you can register for anything! Any thing! Including favors, gift cards, and even small shop things. 

baby list

2 Wet Hot American Summer: First day of camp

The original Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001. I got around to watching it sometime during college. It was ridiculous and hilarious and weird. I loved it. I’m 3 episodes in to this re-boot. I’m reserving judgment. 


3. Calamityware Mugs

No don’t get me wrong, I still find most things funded through Kickstarter to be annoying and pointless. Most campaigns should really just not exist. This was probably one of them too. The thing raised an insane amount of money that people could have spent in a much wiser way (I digress). BUT the mugs are super cute.

Side note, I’m not entirely sure why you need to have a kickstarter to fund decorated mugs. But I’m sure that $200k will come in handy for this guy.




I’m going to go try to un-bury myself from all these links. What are you guys looking at these days?

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